oops am i doing the wrong course

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hi all, my name is david, i will be 20 in oct, i have eng, maths(A), science, IT gcse, AS level maths, passed AAT level 2(while i was a full time student), 3(moved to another college due to 1st college not doing level 3, sadly) and im doing level 4 technican now, the problem is shouldnt i be doing diploma level instead when im not working. i hope this wont b a big deal


  • Suju
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    Hi David

    I don't think it really matters whether you do Diploma or NVQ 4. I did the 1st two years the NVQ route, but then my college changed to doing the Diploma route and recommended I change to Diploma for my final year.

    I was told the final qualification result is the same, so it didn't matter... the only real difference being that NVQ route I would do a Portfolio and the 2 exams PCR & PEV, whereas Diploma I don't need a Portfolio, would only do the one MAC exam but would need to do the Ethics simulation. Swings and roundabouts.

    Best of luck in your exams etc!
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    its shouldnt matter as the college should be able to sort what units and what extra little questions that you might have to do as my college has changed from one route to the other then back again ?
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