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Hi everyone. A family friend is starting up her own beautician business freelance in salons with her converting a room in her home to perform treatments and has asked me to do her accounts. I have explained that I would be unable to do this until I complete the process of becoming a MIP ect. She has asked me to provide her with a price for this service so she can get her business plan together. So I am wondering if anyone could give me a guide price of what this would be in the region of please. We are based in the North West. Thank you :001_smile:


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    I assume from your previous posts you're a student member of the AAT? If so, there is nothing stopping you from taking on work in a self employed capacity. The main restriction for self emplyed students is that they cant refer to their AAT status or association with the AAT. However, they do need to comply with the AAT regs including only undertaking work for which they are compentant.

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    We are also based in the North West and would charge £250 - £350 for a sole trader accounts and Tax Return based on the info provided.
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    Thank you for taking the time to reply you two, much appreciated. I can never log onto this discussion forum so its taken me since Friday to log in so apologies for the delay. Yes I am a technician student with only the PCR and PEV exams to do so your help is very much appreciated.:thumbup:
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