Ok, ok, I'll do it...

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It's something I've resisted, because I really don't like the idea of working and not being paid, but if I don't get out of the house and use the skills I'm learning I'm going to start self-destructing.

I think the best way for me to get a foothold in this accounting business is to offer my services free of charge to a local friendly accountants once a week. If I do this, then I can learn the ropes in the real world, and maybe, just maybe, if the accountant likes me he'll offer me a job, or at least recommend me to someone, or possibly help me get set up as a self-employed bookkeeper.

Now I need some help. Does anyone know a friendly accountant in the Derby area? What's the best format for a letter? Do I send it by email or post (a phone call in the first instance is really not an option)?

And can someone please tell me if I'm doing the right thing, because it still doesn't feel quite right. I'm in the need of some moral support...:crying:


  • AK002
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    What about being a volunteer book keeper for a charity etc first?
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    My friend mail shot the local area offering his 'bookkeeping services' he got a few replys (out of 100 though) and was offered a job. I would give this a go. Its how i got my job too. The pay is awful ( I could earn more working at my local church as a cleaner) but as everyone keeps reminding me 'its the experience that counts) Yet to be completely convinced though.

    Good luck in your job hunting
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    god luck ....
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