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hi guys i am so confused!!!!!

I have my final two exams in June and am contemplating whether to take ACCA or CIMA??? any advice would be wicked!!!!

ACCA i have heard is more Practice based and only touches on Management Accounts

CIMA is more specialising in Management Accounts??

Any help would be appreciated!:001_smile:


  • princess
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    Im confused too!!!! So any advice will be greatly appreciated!!! Please help!!
  • Bookworm55
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    It makes almost literally no difference. You have to do management accounting for ACCA and you have to do financial accouting for CIMA.

    CIMA is not a recognised supervisory body for Audit. ACCA is. Do you work in Audit? Do you want to?

    Is your current employer willing to support you for one or the other?

    Why don't you take a read of their websites;
  • alicemaylara
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    I'm doing ACCA on the basis that I don't want to do the same qualification that my dad did!

    There really isn't alot of difference
  • Jon_1984
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    One major difference is the fact that at the end of your study's in CIMA you have the topcima exam that is one paper covering a case study based on all the subjects covered by the qualification....not good if your a "forget the entire subject as you leave the exam hall" type of person:001_tt2:
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