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Can someone explain to me how the closing stock figure was calculated in Task 1. I have got to the end of task 1.2 preparing my operating budget and can't figure out how the closing stock figure should be calculated when I look at the closing stock figure for the previous year.

I have tried the following:-

Taken total cost and divided by number of items sold less opening stock times no. of items left- that did not work

Took total cost and divided by (total sold plus 15% for failures less opening stock) times items left and that did not work.


  • wolfe
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    hi PAMDILL
    in the december 2008 paper,the pipstrelle division closing stock is given in the OPERATING STATEMENT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 NOV 2008. this closing stock will be next year' opening stock (that is for the period we are preparing the budget). in the details given before task 1.2 there is a statement ".......the closing stock can be reduced to 5000 units at 30 NOV 2009. thus 5000 units is our closing stock. no need for any calculations.

    hope this answers your question. if not feel free to ask me again.
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    It is okay I had a senior moment - it was the cost per unit of closing stock I had trouble working out, I realised in the middle of the night that I should not be taing the value of the opening stock off the material labour etc. cost to calculate price per unit for closing stock.
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