HELP!!! Struggling to remember DR or CR

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I have my Foundation exam in June and I am really panicing now as I just cannot keep it in my head which side the transactions should go on. I did a simulation at college the other night and got most of them wrong. My tutor asked what my thinking was and I explained what he had told me, DR money in and CR money out. He then told me that refers to the bank and not trial balance. Now I am really lost. I have been given some past papers to practise on and told NOT to look on here for the answers without giving it a try first. I sat for 35 mins trying my hardest to answer question one and gave in.

Any help and advice really would help.

Thanks in advance

Ikklewabbit in Durham feeling like a real numpty


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    if you know what qualifies as Asset, Expense, Income and Liability...

    the way i remembered it back then was that the vowels were in order from left to right...


    Asset + Expense Income + Liability

    i hope that appears correctly on your screen ?!?

    another method i used was children's flashcards. on one side of everything is a debit or credit. on the other is the relevant Asset, Expense, Income and Liability. use your book to get them correct and then cycle through the cards over and over until you start to remember. then get a friend to randomly test you.

    you'll get there in the end !
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    Some ways to remember things

    Debit and Credit:

    DRive on the left, CRash on the right


    Debit accounts:
    Debtors, Expenses, Assets and Drawings

    Credit accounts:
    Creditors, Liabilities, Income and Capital
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    There's also PEARLS

    Purchases, expenses & assets are all debits
    Revenue, liabilities and sales are all credits
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    Have you tried ALICE?

    Assets, liablities, incomes, capital and expenses. Which ever side they are on is an increase.
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    An increase in an asset (Increase in cash)
    Decrease in liability (reduction of overdraft)
    Decrease in income (sales return)

    An increase in income (sales)
    An increase in a liability (Overdraft)
    Decrease in asset (Decrease cash)

    These are the fundamental rules.
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    dr and cr

    the only advie i can give you is that you got to have fate and go back to your teacher for assistance before it too late.You will get there all you need is more practice.
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