Favourite books of all time



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    I also read Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (not the supermodel) which was based around Carcassone in the languedoc in France - I closed the book and demanded my husband take me there - Its a beautiful ancient castle - I would reccomend it for a weekend away - Very fairytale especially if you stay in one of the two hotels within the castle walls like we did.
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    I'm growing old, I've sixty years;
    I've laboured all my life in vain:
    In all that time of hopes and fears
    I've failed my dearest wish to gain.
    I see full well that here below
    Bliss unalloyed there is for none.
    My prayer will ne'er fulfilment know
    I never have seen Carcassonne,
    I never have seen Carcassonne!

    Gustav Nadaud (trans J. R. Thompson)
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    nakeyj wrote: »
    Another one to pull at the heartstrings is Wuthering Heights

    When I was 14 our english teacher gave us wuthering heights and told us to read it over a two week break. It didnt happen - so hard to read.

    I miss reading Shakespeare, so hard to read without constantly checking references, which spoils it. We studied Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth at school. Loved them both. But trying to read them now is very difficult.
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