PEV December 2007 Tea Bags

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Hi All

Just wondering what you all think about this paper i thought i was okay until i did this exam so hard, seems to be so much difference to the other exam papers.

Thank you Zoe.


  • pinksponk
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    Hi Zoe,

    I have completed Technician, am a full member and an MIP. I have to tell you that when I was revising exam papers for technician level, this "tea bag " paper completely drove me mad. I tried to complete the tea bag bit so many times and could never successfully do it. To this day it gives me the shivers and I feel very sorry for those students who actually had to sit this paper.

    Although I passed first time, in hindsight I feel that I would have done myself a favour if I had just put the paper in the bin and not wasted so much study time agonising over it.

    I have never seen another paper like it, and thank goodness I will never have to see it again.

    If anyone has actually completed it with no problems, please tell me the secret.

    Good luck
  • umerali2003
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    i have tried that paper and it was a bone shaker plus if you see the MAC paper of the same year( dec 2007) that was horrible as well .
  • lizrochford
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    This paper is horrible I agree was getting quite confident with the past papers until I came across this one. Done it twice now and I'm still making lots of mistakes!
  • Brownie3
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    I must say that I'm preparing for the June exams, and i've ignored this paper, totally different from the rest!
  • mark130273
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    i found the tea bag one quite hard too .........
  • welshboy
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    I am finding the December 08 exam variances very strange they seem more long winded than previous or maybe its just me?
  • welshboy
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    It's okay guys I have seen the light! :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup:
  • mark130273
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    is there a light............. dam well pass it here ?
  • SandyHood
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    I have spent a lot of time with groups of students preparing for this exam. I have only used the tea bags question with one of these groups, but I have used an example of raw material purchases and raw material inputs into production being different with every group.

    Time and again the chief assessor's feedback states that candidates need to be able to deal with increases or decreases in the stock level of raw materials.
    The tea bag question (Dec 07) would have been the paper that had been marked just before the June 09 paper was written.

    It is your choice whether to use it as part of your revision. Whether you do or don't, I advise doing at least one question where either raw materials purchased are more than raw materials issued to production, or materials issued are more than purchased.

    If it isn't assessed this time, well I'm sorry, but I don't think the risk that it might be examined should be taken.
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  • Jemijoojoo!
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    Hi Sandy,

    I am sitting the June 2009 PEV exam and I was wondering if you could clear up what the correct calculations are for both the Gearing ratio and the Interest cover ratio??

    I have seen many different variations but would appriciate your advise on the best calculation to use.

    Thank you!
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    PEV December 2007 Tea Bags

    I skipped that paper from revision. I passed all my exam. I am now waiting for my result of unit 10 then I shall be MAAT.
  • SandyHood
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    So long as you state your formula, show the calculation and your ratio, you will be given the credit.

    There are lots of gearing ratios
    I like
    Long-term loans x 100
    Fixed assets + net current assets

    Interest cover

    Operating Profit
    Interest payable
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