Help! BTC and PTC!

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Im really struggling on the business and Personal taxation units im doing the practice papers and getting most of them wrong! Im doing the ones in the BPP books but dont really want to use the ones on here as the rates are out of date, has anyone got any others I could do???

These are my last 2 units and I am really struggling to get motivated!! Anyone got any advice??? :crying:


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    Btc & ptc

    I done past exam papers after past exam papers I think I had 4 of each and copied them about 3 times over, never used the books as it changes that often thanks to Gordy Brown!

    Try flash cards i flicked through them minutes before entering and ran through the paper looking for any formulas that were fresh in my mind i.e. chattles calculation! Would have forgotten it otherwise - anything you might forget or any easy way of remembering something - note it straight down and refer to it every time you forget it!

    Hope that all makes sense?!! I'm struggling with my DFS and MAC last two and really crawling along any ideas.....?
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    I found that flash cards help.

    On one side do the statment and on the other show how to do the workings to get the answer.

    I have taken PTC 4 times and I finally passed! What I would strongly advise it that you show all your workings clearly, even if you get the wrong numbers as long as you are getting the right workings you will get a mark. I don't know if you will be able to access these but the Osbourne books do 1/2 papers and full papers in the back of their textbooks for PTC (and i would assume BTC but i have not sat this).

    Good luck for this sitting.

    I am currently sat at home working through flashcards i have made for PEV and DFS. I have made them as brief as possible but made sure that they still made sense.
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    Have you tried the Osborne text book and workbook, they have lots of questions and answers and there are four practice examinations in the workbook. You will also need to buy the tutor pack (£10) off of Osborne for the answers to the workbook though - and you will need to explain that your own tutor uses the BPP books because they won't let you have the tutor pack if your own course uses Osborne books.

    If it's any help, I went through a patch about a fortnight before the BTC & PTC exams last year (I taught myself) when BTC and PTC seemed so similar in some respects that I had to keep sorting out which information belonged to which. After a bit more work, though, it fell into place. Just keep going and do plenty of practice questions and papers.

    Good luck. :001_smile:
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