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I am just about to finish intermediate (if I pass ecr fingers x'd) and was wondering which units to take for technician. Has anyone got any ideas which units they are doing and why? Ive checked with CIMA and ACCA etc but dont seem to be able to find any concrete reasons for taking which units.


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    I am avoiding the tax units as I don't work in practice but that means i am stuck with the Audit unit.

    If you are going to be in practice it appears most of the students take the tax units.
  • jow774
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    I was going to take tax units as you can do it with just the books and take the exam so its cheaper, lol.
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    I am avoiding the tax units as I don't work in practice but that means i am stuck with the Audit unit

    I considered not working in practice as a reason to avoid the audit unit even though, as someone working in the accounts dept of a medium-sized company, I had been on the receiving end of audits.

    I would recommend both tax units to pretty much anyone, but can't present a concrete reason why.
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    Ive decided to take the tax units (fingers crossed for ecr tho) ive been told these are good ones, also i work in practise.
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    I think I was just put off by the fact that when i was sitting my intermediate assessments i shared a room with ICAS students sitting their Tax assessments and they were having to do mega essay answers spouting all sorts of laws and references.
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    Its been suggested I take, business tax and Cash Management as they should be straightforward. Is cash management easy though as Im doing NVQ route I havent done that one, so whats it all about?

    Ive also been told something about some people ending up having to take both tax units after they complete AAT because you need them for some Chartered courses?
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    You don't need them for ACCA definitely
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    I recently enquired about this and it doesn't matter which ones you do, I'm doing personal tax as it will help me if I ever want to help family/friends with their accounts and I'm doing cash management as I work in industry so chase debts regularly.
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    Thats good advice Esme, I like the idea that you dont have to decide which route to take through your units as it will probably end up taking me another two years to complete technician, lol.
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    Im waiting for my ecr exam in june. i revising like mad. Fingers crossed. just recently i took my cash management twice and failed twice. I found it so boring i just couldnt get into it like everything else. Section one is calculating forecasts ect, so many things to take account of when doing calculations and section two was quite simple , credit control but had to write a lot. and im just no good at writing, i start to jumble things up because im against the clock. It the first thing ive failed on AAT. Mind you my tutor this year isnt the best. I was gutted as i tried so hard. Im hoping i dont really need this on my CV, or that people wont realise as i can still contine with ecr.
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    Do all four. Cash management and Audit, being sims, are a cakewalk.
  • angharadmai
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    I am now moving onto Technician Level and have decided to do both the tax units, and the audit. This is because I work in practice so doing only one of the tax units wouldn't be beneficial. I'm also involved with a couple of audits during the year so its a good idea for me to do this too.

    By doing the three, from what I understood, I'll get more excemptions when I do the ACA after finishing AAT.

  • Sonny_L
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    Indeedio, more the merrier with ACA.
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