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Im hoping to progress to technician after completing intermediate after the exams in the next couple of weeks. I intend to study it at a college.

But there are two thing bothering me, 1 is: Will i cope? How far is it a step up from intermediate? Im scared of not being able to cope. :huh:

2 is: Jobs! Do i 'need' a job in accounting to do technician? Dont get me wrong i would love a job, but i simply cant find one that will accept me, i have no prior experience and my qualifications are just aat foundation and intermediate.

I hope you guys can help me out, Many thanks, Charlotte!

Edit: Can anyone also give any more details about technician? Like what the format is. Studying times, days etc. I really have no clue and the college hasnt been very helpful at all.


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    If you can do Intermediate, then you can do Technician, that's my opinion anyway. From a personel point of view, and it's not shared by some, I found the jump from Foundation to Intermediate to be greater.

    It's not a picnic, don't get me wrong, but providing you throw yourselve into it, and actually do the work, then you'll be ok. You get out of it, what you put in.

    Only tip I'd give you is to do the Unit 10 report straightaway, i.e. start it next month. Sounds extreme, but i'd completed it by August, and got it signed after much change by x-mas, really takes the pressure off come this time of year.

    Good luck
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    If I can do it – you can do it. :thumbup1: I’m not particularly clever and my brain cells are getting quite old now. I work 4 days and go to college 1 day and do some studying at home. You’ve done well to get through intermediate – fingers crossed for the June exams – and it would be a shame not to complete the qualification. 12 college months will soon go by – it’s only about 33 weeks! You’ll get tremendous support from this forum – many times I’ve been on and picked up useful tips and you only have to ask a question and there’ll always be someone that can help you.

    If prospective employers can see that you’re completing the course they’ll know you’re in for the long haul, whereas if you finish now they may wonder if you’re really committed.

    Having AAT is a good qualification and it’s becoming more recognised now both in industry and the public sector. If you’re enjoying accountancy work, don’t give up now, you may only regret it in later years. :thumbup:
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    The schedule will depend on the college you attend but unless you're full-time you should be prepared to put in a fair bit of study on your own. My class was just three hours a week for a year which makes for a fairly tough schedule but everyone passed. It is a step-up from Intermediate, particularly in work load and I won't pretend there aren't parts of the course that are pretty tricky (standard costing, omg!) but motivation and hard-work are probably more important than being especially clever .

    Working in accounts certainly makes life easier for Unit 10 but it's not essential. I wasn't working in accounts and managed OK.
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