Unit 10 - advice - I have no tutor!!!

raven2856 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
I have completed everything except unit 10 but apparently I need to have a tutor to do this.

Everything I have looked at says that I need to pay for the whole year again, anyone know of another way to do this?:confused1:


  • taskey
    taskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800
    who are you studying with?

  • CelticStar
    CelticStar Well-Known MAAT Posts: 142
    I think you can do Unit 10 on its own with BPP - via distance learning.
    PAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 718
    And Kaplan
  • raven2856
    raven2856 Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    taskey wrote: »
    who are you studying with?

    I was studying with a college and completed years 2 and 3 together which I thought would work out quicker but now my tutor has left and as the study year has now finished I can't get any help there.

    I will have a look at BPP and Kaplan - thanks for your advise.
  • Karen L
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    Have your sorted out unit 10? I did this unit last summer with BPP via homestudy and as I had just started a new job they allowed me to use the simulation - worked through it in 3 weeks and the tutor was brilliant with constant feedback ...
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