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This is for any of you computer geeks out there.

I have a pda that my parents gave me for a significant birthday a few years ago that I hardly ever use.

I recently thought it would come in handy for reading study notes etc. on when stuck at the wee fella's swimming lessons etc instead of lugging the actual texts around.

I downloaded some notes in Word 97 - 2003 format and copied them over onto it.

The first 2 sets worked fine but the third one opens and then churns as thought it is finishing to load into word from the memory card with the first bit of it showing fine then freezes. Unfortunately freezes the whole windows mobile program and have to do a soft reset.

Spent ages last night on different support forums online but can't find any help on it. The Windows is mobile 5. The 2 documents that load and work fine are up to 656kb. THe one that is not working is 1.15mb.

Does anyone know if it is the size that is the problem or could it be something else.
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