Does anyone need a number cruncher?

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I'm not AAT qualified (am up to intermediate) but I am ICB qualified, Level 1 manual and level 2 computerised. I am sitting level 2 manual next month.

I've 10 years experience in accounts and am setting up doing bookkeeping, etc.

Does anyone need any bookkeeping taking off them, I am in Leeds so I can come to you and collect or I can do it via email, post or remotely if you prefer. I'll take anything, bags full of receipts you name it!!

PM me if anyone has anything I can take off your hands:001_smile:


  • JJ43
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    I would also suggest contacting local accounting firms to see if they are out-sourcing any work. I recently did this (sent about 90 letters of intro) and have had a good response so far.

    I am working with an accountant at the moment who told me that he has tended to avoid `bookkeeping` tasks as some of his clients usually either do it themselves, or have in-house bookkeepers, he prefers to come in at the end. However, because work is a bit thin on the ground, he has been actively seeking bookkeeping jobs. So far, ive had a steady stream of work from him. Its certainly worth considering contacting either telephone or via mailing to see if any other firms are thinking / doing the same !!
  • sarahwilson
    sarahwilson Registered Posts: 567 Epic contributor 🐘
    Good suggestion I'll give that a try as well:thumbup:
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