Accounting Software - Which is the best?

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I am currently reviewing which accounting software is the best for small business and bookkeepers to use. I have always used Sage but understand businesses are now moving away from Sage.

Any comments would be most appreciated.




  • PGM
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    I've mostly used Sage 50 and found it good for the job.

    Might be worth looking at Microsoft Accounts, cheaper and more user friendly for non accountants from what I could tell.

    What are people moving to?
  • LouiseR
    LouiseR Registered Posts: 59 Regular contributor ⭐
    I've heard the KashFlow, VT, Solar Accounts and Tas books are becoming popular, I would like other peoples thoughts on this. :001_smile:
  • [Deleted User]
    I personally use VT and I must say that I do like it a lot. The data input is simple and corrections can be made so easily unlike Sage where altered transactions show up in the nominal ledgers in red and can look quite messy.

    Also with a few clicks of a button, it will draft out the statements for you.

    It is also Excel based and works exactly the same.

  • PGM
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    Just looking on the VT site, does look pretty good and a hell of a lot cheaper than Sage.

    Must admit its tempting to get away from the stranglehold of Sage, and Microsoft is hardly a good alternative with their global domination.
  • micklynch
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    Quickbooks is a good package.
  • Gem7321
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    I disagree, I've only worked with quickbooks a couple of times but I found it really difficult too use. And at work we're now using paperless software where we can import figures directly from a bookkeeping package, and quickbooks is the only one that doesn't work with it!

    I've been using Microsoft office express accounting which is pretty good (considering it's free) and the functionality of it is very similar to sage. I've heard good things about VT and the information pack is very good and is definitely one of the cheaper options.
  • Bluewednesday
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    Quickbooks is okay but it does take some getting used to. If you trade on the internet but want to dump via your website into an accounting package then QB is a better option than Sage (where you have to use their approved web designers)!

    Error correction and reporting in QB is much better than Sage but I dislike the fact that you can't get stuff out of some of the accounts (payroll liabilities) unless you subscribe to their payroll package - I learned that one the hard way!!!
  • Sevren
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    QB is great if you have a high volume of transactions when importing using IIF files from Excel.

    With VT, I think you get the system free if you purchase their final accounts package (which is very good)

    Microsoft package looks good and I think there is someway of getting it free with Office 2007.

    I don't know about other packages - but QB Pro 2006 lets you set up loads of companies for no extra costs !

    Be wary of QB 2008 though - it has no multicurrency ability !
  • A-Vic
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    Sage and VT for me (although only just started using VT) ive found it very new user friendly.
  • mc25
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    Sage is ok, but very expensive. I have used VT several times and it seems straight forward. QB I can say i find it time consuming when inputting data manually.

  • columbia
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    I use sage and have done since it was on Dos (showing my age now!). I also don't like the fact that reversals show in red on the ledgers as it makes you look unprofessional!!

    I've been looking at VT and I am definately going to purchase it as for the price and the apparant ease of use it seems like a really good deal which should also be less time consuming.
  • silverend
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    Quick advice for the Sage users, under settings you can tick the box to Exclude deleted transactions. This means that you can look at your ledgers and they are tidy. You can still get reports to see which transactions have been deleted.

    Quickbooks. Have never liked it. All the versions i have used. When you delete a transaction it disappears forever. Not good for an audit trail!! Seen an ex-client get into a lot of trouble with Revenue (as was). Deleted transactions and could not prove figures!!!

    Been using and training on Sage for best part of 20 years.
  • columbia
    columbia Registered Posts: 580 Epic contributor 🐘
    Oh yeah, just found that, it's under settings>company Preferences>parameters

    Thanks silverend
    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 Epic contributor 🐘
    I am debating about doing my Unit 10 project on accounting software but I need some ideas as to what other software companies than Sage offer packages that offer CIS compatability? Does V.T.?

    If someone can suggest some companies then I will approach them for quotes and further information.
  • cobbles
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    Hi I use Sage, VT, Quickbooks, MYOB - Sage is the best to use if the company is a medium sized, however I love VT it is so easy to set-up and use.:001_smile:
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