Anyone considering ATT or CTA after AAT

lala2009 Registered Posts: 95 Regular contributor ⭐
I am seriously considering going on to study one of the Tax qualifications, simply because I have found the tax units much easier than the others. Is anyone else thinking the same?:001_smile:


  • Sonny_L
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    Yes can definitely recommend ATT if you want to specialise in tax (you will not meet entry requirements for the notoriously difficult CTA exams with AAT alone).

    You will need to pass three papers, all of which are substantially tougher than any AAT unit (an ATT member is fully exempt from all ACA tax exams).

    check out the prospectus:

    Being ATT qualified also opens the door to CTA study. Personally, I'd want to (and am) obtain a chartered accountancy qualification prior to taking on the CTA as many CTAs are also qualified accountants or lawyers. Though apparently the number of members with CTA as their primary qualification is on the rise.
  • CelticStar
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    I'm definitely thinking about it, whilst doing DFS it's become clear to me just how much I enjoyed doing the tax units. :laugh:
  • sarahwilson
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    I'm thinking about it too, saddo that I am I like learning new things so I might do it when I have completed AAT.
  • Bookworm55
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    I have considered CTA, but only after completing CIMA/ACA/ACCA. I feel its more specialised than I would like to be that early in my career. Since I would have to do ATT before CTA anyway if I didn't have one, I will concentrate on a CCAB qualification first.
  • lala2009
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    Thanks for the info guys! :) I heard that ATT can be completed in 9 months so might do that before moving onto ACCA..... Then maybe CTA once I have completed ACCA?! Oh the opportunities! :)
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