Anyone doing Technician with Premier Training ?

safrica Registered Posts: 106 Dedicated contributor 🦉
I am considering doing Technician with them next year instead of my local is it organised ? Which exams are you taking in December and which ones in June ?( I am going to do the 2 tax units). Would you recommend them ? I am studying with them for payroll and I am very pleased, just want to check if they are also good for Technician:001_smile:


  • cs_1988
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    I am using them, there very good. I think i would always choose college over distance learning if i could though! I really am not the most motivated person when it comes to revising.

    Didnt open any of my PCR PEV and DFS books till may, have all three exams in june lol.

    But on the whole very good yeah!

  • gillwilson
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    I am also with Premier Training for Technician. I have found them excellent.

    Tutors are great, the books they use are really good - far better than Kaplans books I found.

    Also Kay the tutor for the Unit 10 project is really helpful and makes it much easier.

    I also have 3 exams in June PCR, PEV and BTC. I did DFS and PTC last December. Just the project to finish and done (hopefully).

  • Esme
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    How long are you taking to do the technician level with premier training? I'm starting in June and they said 18 months but I really want to try and get it done in 12 months. I'm doing Cash Management and Personal Tax so could do 2 exams in Dec and 2 next June?
  • gillwilson
    gillwilson Registered Posts: 41 Regular contributor ⭐
    I started last October - sat PTC & DFS (and passed) in December. Am taking PCR, PEV and BTC in June (and hope to pass).

    This will take only 12 months if I pass all exams in June.

    Doing 2 exams together seems to work well.

  • Dorset Student
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    I used Premier for my diploma/technician level and found them to be very good. I started last September and finished in December, including the Unit 10 project. At first they thought I should take longer, but they are quite happy to accommdate people on what they want to do. I would imagine that the 18 months is just something that they recommend, but you can do what you feel is best for you.

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