SLCA in Trial Balance

I have been attempting the June 07 FRA Exam and was checking my Trial Balance.

There was a Bad Debt written off of £290. In my Trial Balance I adjusted the figure for SLCA to £3110 (The total before B.D was £3400) but in the Model Answers in the bit for SLCA it has Dr-3400 and Cr-290.

Would what I did be wrong in an exam?



  • CJC
    CJC Registered Posts: 1,657
    I think what you did would be fine, it's just a different way of showing the same thing. The model answer way is maybe a bit more transparent in that you can see exactly where the figures come from so it's probably a good idea to show your workings to make it obvious where you got the 3110 figure.
  • Paul24
    Paul24 Registered Posts: 578
    Any figures on the face of the trial balance, or statements, where it is a straight addition or subtraction I would show in brackets;

    Sales Ledger control (3400-290) £3110.00
  • reddwarf
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    We discussed this ad nauseam at college. The bad debt write off came several questions later in the paper than the calculation of the sales ledger control balance, we were told in this case you wouldn't 'read forward' and therefore would end up with the debit and credit entry on your trial balance. I feel this is counter intuitive and in practice you would adjust your sales ledger control figure. I don't think you'd be penalised either way!
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