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anyone else really stressing for these exams? im 19 now and in my final year :thumbup: and mann, i just cant wait to finish!!!!

Almost there, but im super stressed out, and while my friends are out catchin a B.E.A.utiful tan, and posting all thier photos of them out and about on facebook, it makes me mad....

This qualification had best b worth it hehe :laugh:


  • mark130273
    mark130273 Registered Posts: 4,234 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    hey at least your only 19 my little sweetie.............

    got the rest of your life in front of you !!!!

    i only started mine when i was 33 ,so hopefully when i get qualified in 3 weeks time .....

    i can start looking further up the job ladder !!!
  • Moseley_21
    Moseley_21 Registered Posts: 59 Regular contributor ⭐
    I know what you mean im 22 and my friends are the same!! Even having the cheek to call me late on friday and saturday night when they were out having a good time!!:-(!! Im sure it will all be worth it!! Cima next!!! So no rest for me really!!
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