simple contracts question ?!?

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here goes...

you have a signed contract that fixes the delivery + place, the quantity and the price.

date for delivery is 31/06/09...

is this a legal contract ?!!


  • SandyHood
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    You have an offer and an acceptance and an exchange of promises (consideration), the signatures indicate that there is an intention to ncreate legal relations
    Assuming this was an agreement to provide a legal product or service and the parties are able to enter such a contract, it is valid.
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  • sebastianforbes
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    I understand everything that you have said Sandy and I appreciate your prompt reply. I assumed exactly the same myself.

    I should have been a little clearer.

    What if one of the parties declared the contract avoided due to delivery date issues ?.. if either party tried to claim damages for late delivery or failure to take delivery ?
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    I wondered that myself as 31st June does not exist, they could argue that 1st of July is the equivalent date.
  • sebastianforbes
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    i would be more inclined to think that it was supposed to be the 30th june...

    it's a more explainable typo :tongue_smilie:

    but what if the mistake was intentional ?!!

    i love playing devil's advocate :thumbup1:
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