Help - tax confusion!

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Hoping someone can help! I'm getting really confused over which fines for breaking the law are allowable expenses against taxable trading profits. I had it in my mind that the only allowable expenses were for employees' parking fines incurred whilst on business, but I've just seen a question where employees' speeding fines incurred whilst on business are allowed in the answer. Can anyone explain which fines are allowable expenses? Would appreciate any help on this! Thanks.


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    Hi Cathryn,

    I did BTC and PTC in Jan, and actually contacted the AAT about this. My book stated only parking, but on a past exam they allowed speeding. Appartly you are meant to include them as allowable (only from employees though!)

    Stupid in my opinion, but thems the rules!
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    I had it in my mind that any fines by employees were allowable.. however any incurred by directors were dis-allowed.. if anyone could give further clarity that would be excellent??
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    Tax confusion!


    Yes, that's what made me confused. The Osborne book says only parking fines for employees, but there was a past paper that allowed employees' speeding fines. Thanks for your replies guys!
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