PEV and FRA to sit!!!

jackiepowell Registered Posts: 72 Regular contributor ⭐

Can anyone help me with a study plan?
I have got to sit PEV and re-sit FRA! I am panicking how to split myself between both of them.

Really really panicking!!!


Jackie :crying:


  • Karen L
    Karen L Registered Posts: 70 Regular contributor ⭐
    Past papers are the best way - alternate nights, but one section at a time. I did this when I was studying for three in December - worked a treat (even though I am retaking PEV this month)

    It meant that you spent time on one section at a time.

    ie Monday - section 1 past paper, read through first, but have the answers by you all the time so you can double check - if you go wrong you can stop and work out what you need.
    Tuesday - section 2 past paper

    Everyone has their own ways but that worked for me.

    Don't panic !! :thumbup1:
  • Londina
    Londina Registered Posts: 814 Epic contributor 🐘
    Since I'm off from work, I do 2 past papers per day, 3 hours each, so in between I check my answers and study the errors
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