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Hi guys,

Just wondering what some of you budding MIP's use as your tax reference guides?

HMRC and other free online services?

Online libraries?

Do you bother with CCH or Tolley's? What are the differences between the orange and yellow tax guides?



  • JodieR
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    I regularly refer to the business income manuals on HMRC's site (Click on the 'practitioner link' near the top of the screen, then on manuals I think, then it's under B), and my Tollys tax guide. Also obviously keep notes from CPD courses which sometimes come in use.
    I have copies of the yellow & orange guides from 2002 when I sat my ATT exams - I spent a lot of time before the exams familiarising myself with them as we were allowed to take them in to the exam(but weren't allowed any bookmarks etc) so I was quite comfotable with using them, but since then I think I've looked up one, maybe two things. The orange one is for VAT and Stamp Duty and similar topics, then there's the two yellow ones, one with income tax, corp tax and capital gains, the other with everything else (NIC, IHT etc).
  • George
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    FL Memo is excellent -
  • T.C.
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    St James Place Tax Guide is a good one.
  • groundy
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    We have always used Tolleys tax guide. It has been a great reference on many an occasion.
  • Emthi
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    I normally use Melville's "financial act", which is very simple
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