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Hi, first post here :001_smile: Hope this is the right forum for this post.

I am considering starting a bookkeeping / accountancy business working from home, but i was wondering if anyone knows if there are any restrictions about doing it whilst still studying.

I have one more exam to do in 2 weeks time and them my lvl 3 is completed ( hopefully i pass it :001_smile:) Would i be able to offer to do P & L and Balance Sheet or do i need to wait for the exam result to offer that?

Then i will be going on to do the Technician level not sure what options i am taking yet though.




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    AAT regulations allow students to work self employed providing they only undertake work that they are capable of carrying out competently (in terms of their individual competence as opposed to what qualifications they may hold) and providing they do not in anuway refer to their AAT status/connection in the course of carrying out there work.

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    Hi Neil, thanks for that
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    I am thinking of doing the same thing, but think there may be insurance issues etc. Do you already work in an accounting environment? I intended to start doing this once i finish level 3 but now the time is coming i dont know if i have the confidence. I have looked into buying the sage software and it is quite expensive so you'd have to be quite sure that you can make some money at it:001_smile:
    sarah duell
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    I don't currently work in accounts which is why i am considering going this way. I am quite lucky as a friend of the family is an accountant so if i can get some work she will help me and give me advice on the first few jobs till i get the confidence up.

    I haven't started looking into insurance yet, nor the price of sage i have my FRA exam next week so will start looking properly after that. I do know that you can buy a copy of Sage through the college for £50 i think, but it is very slightly different to the retail one, but people that i have spoke to said they haven't found any issues using it.
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    Apparently if you want to err on the side of caution and get insured you will probably need to have completed a recongnized qualification. I suppose it makes sense from the insurers point of view. They want to minimize the risk of paying out, therefore insist you are properly qualified.
    This is what i've been told.

    Is sage the best way to go?? People everywhere seem to moan about it. I get the impression a lot of people on start-up just use excell or free software.
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