PEV Dec 07 2.2

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Can anyone help me figure out the Depreciation and tea processor operators on this question? I've got no idea how it's came to those amounts.



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    depreciation calculation :
    (1) pickmaster:
    the annual depreciation charge per pickmaster is given as £2,000.
    if u multiply this by 8 ,this will give the total annual depreciation charge for 8 pickmaster
    8 pickmaters x £2,000=£16,000

    (2) pickmaster 2 :
    the annual depreciation charge is given as £9,000.
    so £9,000 x 8 pickmaster 2s= £72,000

    tea processor operator calculation :
    (1) pickmaster:

    no. of operators required per day for each machine= 10
    no. of machines =8
    no. of harvest days = 100 days
    cost of operators per day=£6
    so the total operator cost is 10x8x100x6 =£48,000

    (2)pickmaster 2 :
    no of processor operators required per machine =1
    no of machines= 8
    no of harevest days= 100
    cost per day per operator=£6

    so total operator cost is 1x8x100x6 =£4,800
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    ah right, thanks alot. I wasn't taking into account the number of machines
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