Technician without a College

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Im due to start Technician after the June exams but have found the cost quite high. Has anyone done Technician just using the books for exams and what have their experiences of this been good or bad?



  • A-Vic
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    Hey Jow

    In the same boat but honestly i wouldnt even attempt it without them- i did CMCC without the book and really struggled all the way through.

    Ive managed to ask a collegue to lead me their books from last year and am trawling through amazon as they sell used book really cheap (when i say used they are almost brand new) but i know at some point i will have to get the latest but still intend to.

    i know it sounds cheeky but ask family and friend instead of present at xams ive asked for book tokens and one or two to pay for an exam (hey if you dont ask you dont know)

    Vic :001_smile:
  • jow774
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    Hi Vic

    Thanks for that, great idea about book tokens! I was going to use books, but not register with Kaplan for the support (only for unit 10) as my purse strings are way too tight, lol. Ive been told that for the tax units and DFS you need up to date books, is this true? Im just a little unsure whether I will need the support as well as books due to the jump from intermediate to technician?
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    Hi there

    I am doing the same thing. I have only paid Kaplan when i need to do a simulation unit and will do when i come to do Unit 10. There are certain books that have specific dates on but I guess with some units they are not as relevant. Personally i would think it is prob best to use up to date books for the taxation exams, just to make things easier for yourself.

    I find the books really useful, there are times when i wish i had a tutor to explain some things, but after looking over these things once or twice it sinks in :001_smile:

    Good luck
  • jow774
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    Thanks Lucy,

    I was starting to wonder if I was taking on too much but Im glad it is possible to do. I shall just take things slowly. I really appreciate the help Ive had from Kaplan on intermediate in the past, they are good, its just the cost which I cant stretch to at the mo.

    Sadly this all rests on next weeks ecr, so finger x'd.

    Good luck with your exams.
  • SandyHood
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    Following a recent revision day in London, I was discussing something along the lines you have been discussing.
    At the time students on distance learning and self-study programmes were saying how helpful a day of teacher-led study with other students would be.

    I thought that we could run a day course around the beginning of October where there could be guidance on one unit to try to focus the students who didn't have the routine of a weekly college class. That way you would have already made a start so you could check you were on track and could then go away with an understanding of the points that need the greater emphasis.

    At the time I had been looking at relatively small groups of up to 10 and a fee of £100.
    But I know the revision days for 40 have been popular, so we might look at a larger venue and a larger class at around £50. This might make self-study a little more expensive but hopefully will help and could enable the formation of networking groups.

    Perhaps you could think about it after you have completed the Intermediate exams, and email me if you think you would be interested.
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