Bookkeeping work needed!

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Hi i am currently in my final year of my AAT qualification and have worked in a small practice for the last 3 years.
Due to working in a small practice it means that i have been lucky enough to gain experience in many areas, ranging from accounts preperation, bookkeeping, tax computations and management accounts.

I am currently in the process of trying to save money for a travelling trip once im qualified. At the moment as i am still training i do not earn enough to do this.

My request is simple, i am looking for some additional work to carry out at evenings and weekends.

If anyone knows of anything or has any advice as to where to look please let me know. I will quite happily send a copy of my C.V to anyone who is interested in my request.

Thanks in adavance



  • alicemaylara
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    Cant offer you any work but I'd advise you to send your CV to all your local businesses.Worked for me!
  • Gem7321
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    Also browse your local newspapers/job sites for businesses looking for bookkeepers and accounts assistants then you can offer your services on a self-employed basis knowing that they want someone.
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