A good luck message from steve

Hi Guys,

Those of you that attended my revision classes will know that I am on holiday from next week (as you sit your exams), so I just wanted to wish you guys (especially those that attended my DFS revision classes) all the best of luck. I am putting this message up now because I will be busy next week so wont get much chance to come on the forums

You guys have my email address, so please send me an email telling me how you got on.

I will also upload some suggested answers to DFS when I can get access to the paper (sometime after the 22nd June when I am back off holiday) but in the meantime, get a good coverage of the syllabus, make sure you don't concentrate too much on the accounting standards (remember there's a section 2) but don't neglect your standards because they're a vital part.

Also, remember in section 2 - come to a conclusion (you guys on my revision course will know what I am talking about).

Best wishes and keep me posted please.


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