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Does anyone know the pass rate for ECR?
I have just had my mock exam returned to me & got 87% in section 1 & 78% in section 2 - would this be a pass as my tutor has not said?

It was really hard & totally different to all the past papers I have done - I hope the actual exam is not like the mock!!



  • Esme
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    There isn't a pass rate set in stone but I would have thought that if it was over 75% in both sections you would almost definately have passed.
  • Kecak
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    I've been told you need 70% in both Section 1 and 2 to pass.
  • A-Vic
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    I think relying on a pass rate isnt a good idea best thing to do is revise answer as much as possible and show your workings.

    Good Luck :001_smile:
  • TidalMilky
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    pass rates are defined by the aat. if everyone does poorly the threshold will drop.
    if you're getting 70% + im sure you will do fine

    good luck
  • Loops1980
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    Thanks everyone.

    Yes I have revised loads and was feeling quite confident before the mock but the layout was totally different from the past actual exam papers and it completely threw me!

    I have spoken to my tutor & she advised the mock was devised by Kaplan wheras the official exam paper is by AAT so that has made me feel a bit better. I think they were just trying to test us to see if we knew it all inside out!

    Good luck to you all for Monday:thumbup:
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