PCR December 2008

Jossie Registered Posts: 11 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
Hi Can anyone help me with the PCR exam Tack 1.2 I cannot work out D and E
and also task 1.3, I have failed this exams twice and cannot get costings in my head. Can someone please help, time is running out.


  • lucy1988
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    i have the same problem, i cannot get my head around limiting factors!! I hope this exam isnt as hard as the rest.
    DOTTY Registered Posts: 22 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟

    Production budget when units or hours are limited................ just don't know where to start, any help would be appreciated
  • Marg22
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    Hi everyone

    I think the first section of this paper was rather more involved than many of the past papers.

    Task 1.2 (d)
    Number of units to be assembled allowing for rejects at the testing stage.

    in your answer to (b) you should have worked out the number of saleable instruments to be produced, this is the figure before the faulty production is added.

    467,500 / 85 X 100 = 550,000 units

    The 85 is 100% - 15% for rejects

    Remember you can check if this is correct by 550,000 X 15% 82,500

    550,000 - 82,500 = 467,500

    if you check it through like this you will know that you have done it right.

    Question (e)

    Labour hours required in the year

    1. assembly 550/000 / 5 = 110,000
    2. testing 550,000 X 3/60 = 27,500
    3. dismantling rejects 82,500 X 3/60 = 4,125
  • Marg22
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    Sorry I pressed the wrong button

    Total hours 141,625

    assembly was 12 minutes, if you divide it into 60 minutes its five.

    I hope this helps a little. I think this exam can be quite tricky.

    Good luck to everyone taking it.

  • Jossie
    Jossie Registered Posts: 11 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    PCR December 2008

    Thanks Marg22. Can you please explain question e

    Where did you get the 550,000/5 I cannot see where you got the 5 from I understand the testing and dismantling part, but not this bit.
  • otebeke
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    Jossie: a help for u

    :thumbup:The 82500 of rejects plus 467500 of good production is 550 000. Then again for hours its not 5 its 0.05 hours( 3/60) 3 minutes changed to hours is 0.05 hours. Goodb luck to every one, including myself.
  • lizrochford
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    I think limiting factors is the hardest part of PCR simply because of the amount of information they ask you to provide (some of them are really long), I'm worried this is what will be the difference between me passing and failing.
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