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I've not done too well with the FRA unit of the Intermediate stage. I didn't do well enough in my first simulation and chose to re-sit. The thing is, I only finished the paper last night and it wont be marked until Thursday. Bearing in mind the centrals are next week, i'm not too happy!

Does anyone know if the simulation has to be passed before the centrals are sat?

Really not looking forward to the exams, ECR I'm fine with, FRA I'm not!! :confused1:


  • rachy1975
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    No it doesnt have to be done before
    Quite a few people in my class have not sat their skills tests yet and will be doing them after the central exams
  • Prashil
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    Is the Fra paper an exam or simulation because i am doing it on the 17th june, and its an exam.
  • tallrodney
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    The FRA sim is arguably the hardest simulation in the whole AAT so don't feel to disheartened. The exam is much more straightforward just do as many past papers as you can and you should be well prepared.
  • taskey
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    i have not done my FRA sim yet and i passed my exam nearly 2 years ago.

    Just forget about the sim for now and concentrate on the exam

    Good luck

  • CJC
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    I do think it's a good idea to do a sim before the exam if you can as it's good preparation but it's not necessary (I think waiting two years might be stretching things just a touch though). Due to illness I had to delay my FRA sim till a few weeks after the exam and I concur with tallrodney it was the hardest assessment in the whole of the AAT course (and that includes PEV!).
  • ema192
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    I did my FRA sim a few weeks ago and got my feedback yesterday with a pleasing, Excellent work comment and no extra questions, every quesion i had answered was correct. Having said this it was alot harder/longer than any past exam paper i have done. Im sitting my FRA exam on wed :-(). Hoping that i will get through it ok just gonna have a good study this weekend to prepare myself !

    Good luck everyone !!!
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