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I am just about to (hopefully) complete level 3 and i would like to get some practical experience. I already work in a non accounts environment so I was considering writing to accounting companies to ask if they had any work that i can do on an unpaid basis just to get experience. Has anyone done this, and if so how successful was it
thank you


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    This is one of the options i was toying with, i think it is a good idea and may still do it if i have no luck getting work on a self employed basis.

    I am sure that a lot of businesses that would consider this an advantage to have someone willing to learn for free.
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    the other option is to take on a treasurer type role in a local voluntary organisation, many of them are always looking for help (and it'll look good on your CV too!)
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    Booking exeperience

    i think another way and easiest way to do it by going into volunteer office in your community.That is what i did and it work and i hope it work for you too
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    I'm in a similar situation, although a bit different. I was made redundant and chose to stay at home to look after my kids, send the wife out to work and study AAT!! Just about to sit FRA, only ECR to go to complete Intermediate.

    I've written to some of my local accountants and all responded negatively. I even spoke with some of the voluntary organisations and was frowned at because of lack experience!!

    I am trying to do a bit of book keeping for a friend but time is the biggest problem. I have just made some progress though. The pre-school which my son attends may be in a position to help me. And just today i've discovered another nursery and a church group of some sort which may be able to help.

    I guess the thing is to just keep on looking out for opportunities.

    Mark, are you trying to set something up on a self employed basis?? I have considered this and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts if you are.
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    markgray wrote: »
    I am sure that a lot of businesses that would consider this an advantage to have someone willing to learn for free.

    Not necessarily true. By pitching yourself out there, you need to know your worth as best you can. Sell yourself too cheaply - or even for free - and some won't have any confidence in you. Oversell yourself and you may not get anything either.

    You may also find that there's a Risk-Reward-Responsibility triangle. Take one or more away and you don't properly have the others either. If something goes wrong and they're under/not paying you, there could be an obvious and uncomfortable moral dilemma which they may rather not have.

    Charities may be the exception but most for-profit organisations will feel more comfortable paying for a service...
  • sassyduell
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    Thanks for the advice. I think you are correct about the unpaid work blobbyh but on the other hand i dont feel I can seek paid work when i have no experience. It also seems that school leavers have an advantage when looking for trainee accountancy roles. I would love to take on some bookkeeping on a self employed basis but whether it is fair to offer my services when i have done very little practical bookkeeping i dont know. Any suggestions gratefully received
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    Unfortunately, like many you find yourslef in the chicken and egg situation.

    Could you cope with the plastic bag/envelope full of receipts situation which so often happens in practice? If not you would then need someone to supervise/help you, so your "free" service no longer becomes free to the company.

    The voluntary route sems to work for many.
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    i volunteer at my daughters scout group. it is not much in the way of accounts. i pay out receipts, and i pay invoices for the group. i also do bank rec's.

    i have to apply for the gift aid once and year and prepare the accounts for audit.

    Wow, seems alot now that i have typed it out :)

    i do enjoy it and i feel like i am giving something back, aswell as gaining experience.

    Hope that helps

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