Hello everyone...

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Just a quick question.

Im coming up to my first AAT exam next Tuesday, but am just wondering later, once completing my AAT what options have i got to go onto ?

I really want a job thats exciting, innovative and something that i can really get stuck into.

Just wondering if you could give me some job positions that are really exciting, highly paid, innovative ?

What kind of 10 year plan is possible ? Director ? Management consultancy ?

Hope you can help...

Thanks alot


  • Sevren
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    Hello Steve - this may be a quick question, but the answer is not quite so quick and I am not the best person to answer this question, however, my experience has been that AAT is a good way of getting your foot in the door, once in it is up to you. I managed to get to a finance manager position on AAT/hard work alone (and maybe a bit of luck !) in industry - but not sure how it works in a practice.

    As for job positions that are really exciting, highly paid, innovative.........:crying:!!

    Good luck with the exams.
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