HELP!!!! PEV June 07 Paper

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Help me please!!
Thought i was doing well with my exam practise, but I have opened the June 2007 paper and come across Task 1.2 - Seasonal Variations and Trends! What on earth is all that about! I have gone back through all my lessons and I have nothing on it!!!

Can anyone give me a hand?

Jackie :crying:


  • swampy1901
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    Chapter 4 of the Kaplan Units 8 & 9 book covers it as does Chapter 3 of BPP books. Its not as complicated as it sounds - I'd be happy if came up in the forthcoming exams.

  • HayleyB
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    Basically Seasonal variations are exactly what they sound like- for example an ice cream factory will sell more products in the summer that in the winter. So to discover the trend you need to take out the seasonality. If cost is £1000 and the seasonal variation is £200 then the answer (underlying cost) is £800. If the cost is £1000 and the seasonal variation is (£100) then the answer would be £1200.
    Normally it will ask you to work out the trend to forecast into the future then you can add the seasonality back in for the relevant period.
    I hope this makes sense? Please let me know if I can help further?:001_smile:
  • HayleyB
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    I meant -(£200) sorry if I confused you!!!
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