Good luck to all exam holligans

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I have done all my exams for AAT. Currently I am doing my Unit 10 Project, which is quiet well underway. Some of you are feeling nervous and some of you are going through exam fever - I understand the pain because I have been through the same, but once you have completed and passed no doubt you shall feel 1000 killogram lighter and much happier. Once you achieved your MAAT status you will be above millions of people who are un-MAAT, isn't it not going to be nice?

So colleagues carry on with your past exam papers, more and more.

wish you good luck to everyone taking exam next week.


  • Moseley_21
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    Thanks for the pep talk... i cant wait until they are over also!! i have 3 exams BTC, PEV and PCR i just hope i nail these first time and can move onto CIMA this year!! Good luck everyone!!
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