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I have a predicament and wonder whether anyone here can help.

I have received a form saying that I can now apply to become a Fellow Member, but when it comes to getting verification of senior work, most of my work was done in a company that, I have noticed, has gone into liquidation with no site address. For obvious reasons, getting verification of my role there is more difficult than it can be.

Does anyone know of a way round this? Thanks.


  • T.C.
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    I suggest ringing AAT because they always seem to want new FMAAT members!
    CLAREH Registered Posts: 16 New contributor 🐸
    I was in a similar situation so phoned AAT & found them very helpful & understanding. Have a think of some possible options before you call that you can suggest to them, say a professional person you know who could give you a reference. I was still in touch with the former HR manager so she was able to verify my application even though she wasn't my manager. Good luck!
  • truecockney
    truecockney Registered Posts: 94 Regular contributor ⭐
    Thanks for the idea CLAREH, but I've already thought of that and unfortunately only the Director was a "professional" in the company (it was only a small company with 2/3 employees).

    I've contacted the AAT member helpline but without response yet, hence the question on here. The more ideas, the better! :)
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