How employable does the AAT make you

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Sorry if I come across as naive its just i'm still deciding whether to study the AAT qualification and dont know too much about it. How employable does completing the AAT make you? Or is it just really used as a stepping stone into chartered accountancy?

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    It will show the employers, that you are serious about learning accounts and want a career in it. The subjects will give you better understanding on how things are done and that you can do it in a professional manner. You dont have to go on to other qualifications if you dont want to. You can just stop at the AAT.

    As for making you more employable, it depends on what you want to do. If you are doing just ledger work, such as purchase ledger and are just posting invoices, then depending on the companies and what previous qualifications you already have, then you may be able to get work, without the AAT.

    If you want to get more involved in management or financial accounts or a senior position, then yes AAT is a definate must.
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    Your employability factor won't solely depend on whether you're fully AAT qualified - a methodical nature and intuitiveness are also important - but there's little doubt it's excellent for those with no previous experience. My Financial Director, ACA qualified and earning £75k, thinks it's a superb qualification and certainly better than going down the university route as the knowledge is (usually) backed up with experience.
  • AdamR
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    A manager thinks AAT - ACA is better than Uni? YAY!!!!!:biggrin:

    Hope for me yet!
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    Someone I know was told by a large agency last week that their AAT ddn't fit with the clients' profiles.

    AAT has made me employable though - but not in an accoutning role.
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    I couldn't have got into my job without it. I had 10 years with another company and was on my year 2 of AAT when I moved jobs, now I am in a management accounts role and love it. When I was going for interviews AAT was always mentioned so I am going to make the most of the MAAT status when I finally get it ... Good luck to you with whatever you choose.
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    Yep, Adam. When I was temping last year, I heard several senior accountants/FD's (industry/service sector) say that AAT was a very good qualification while an accounting degree was 'just about all but useless'. Their thoughts not mine. In a temping role, AAT's can usually get to work 'straight out of the traps' since their knowledge is backed up by real world experience unlike graduates who have the knowledge but often no idea where to start.
  • AdamR
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    blobbyh wrote: »
    When I was temping last year, I heard several senior accountants/FD's (industry/service sector) say that AAT was a very good qualification while an accounting degree was 'just about all but useless'.

    That's very reassuring to know as everyone else seems to suggest otherwise!:001_smile:
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    A friend of mine has a degree in accounting, and is now CIMA qualified, but still doesn't understand debits and credits. He tried to dissuade me from doing the AAT and go straight to CIMA instead but I think the AAT is a good grounding for employment and/or further study. It certainly hammers home debits and credits if nothing else! I chose the AAT because I knew it would give me a 'complete' qualification, expanding on the knowledge I gained through working in accounts for 10 years, with the option to study further if I wanted to.
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