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OMG, I can't breath, so stressed, too many kids a dog and chickens, my house is a mess and my brain is scrambled. I think I am going to give up on the dfs this year, i have just picked it up again to revise and have forgotten everything! Feel ok about pev and pcr, probably a false sense of security as each exam I think I am ok then they throw in something new.

How is everyone else getting on is it just me????


  • taskey
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    in the words of michael jackson "you are not alone"

    i am doing pev and pcr and i am stuck in work. i want to go home and revise. i have been concentrating on PEV and am getting there, i think i will be ok. But PCR i am dreading as i have put it to the back burner i am thinking i am gonna forget everything on that.

    not long now

    Good Luck

  • Karen L
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    I understand as well, even though without children time is not my own .. cats, rabbits and my other half all take up time !!! oh and the washing, ironing, housework .. Look forward to the end of study so I can catch up on everything ...

    I tried the three in Dec08 and managed two, am retaking the PEV on Monday .. soon be done.

    Three is a lot to take and I must admit if I had the time again, two would be maximum... I think we can underestimate how much time coursework and revision can take expecially when you are working as well ... its more like doing double the hours !!
    Good luck with your three .. I hope you can do better than my attempt.
  • Melegan
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    I really feel for you. I've only got one exam and one child and I'm stressed. Try to take a breather from the studying, chill for a bit, then hopefully you'll feel a bit more relaxed.

    Best of luck.
  • mark130273
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    now youve said FREAKING OUT !!!!!
  • jorja1986
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    I thought I was fine. Went down for lunch in the works canteen and i could've nearly cried, I could not remember anything to do with PEV or DFS (exams i am taking). I was sat looking at the papers like a proper lemon! :thumbdown:

    I know it is panic making me forget,( think i forget) but argh - why does your brain always make it so late in the day?

    So got a big bar of choccy and going to look again tonight :lol:
  • Flipflop
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    Glad I'm not the only one. I've put it all away and not gonna look at them again til Sunday!! so there :001_tt2: Think my brain is full and cannot take anymore it's all starting to blurr into one. Sorry to make you all freak :lol::lol::lol:
  • heartsandstars
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    I have been relatively stress free about the coming exams up until yesterday - and NOW I have started to panic!

    I have been staying up to all hours trying to fit revision in, so that i can still keep the work/revision/social balance (who needs sleep anyway?!) but I think I have hit the wall now.

    I'm going to follow the trend and not do any revision this evening, and enjoy a coupple of films with a box of chocolate!

    Back to it tomorrow though..
  • lizrochford
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    Lots of us are all in the same boat, I'm taking PCR and PEV i'm a single parent with a young child to look after. I've been spending every spare hour I have looking at both PEV and PCR, feeling relatively confident about PEV but not so much PCR. Its so hard trying to juggle everything but don't give up thats the worse thing you can do, it makes me more determined when I think of what I've achieved so far with my hectic life.:001_smile:
  • troy
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    I'm in the same boat. :crying:
    I have five children, just got promotion so i have new job to learn with ten staff to look after...and if i hear one more of them whinge that someone else is picking on them i shall scream (no, they are ont 8 year olds but they certainly act it) and i have PEV, PCR, BTC AND DFS next week!!!

    I must be flipping CRAZY!!!!
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