Unit 6 simulation

lori Registered Posts: 25 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
yeah passed unit 6 simulation with only one additional question over the moon that i got it done and out the way before the exams next week - i was really worried about doing it don't feel confident about unit 6 at all
good luck next week everyone x


  • Karen L
    Karen L Registered Posts: 70 ? ? ?
    Well done you .. its a great feeling to get those simulations out of the way ...
    You'll be on a winner next week .. good luck to you.
  • donnaalwill
    donnaalwill Registered Posts: 116 ? ? ?
    Congratulations! Its good to know its out the way so you can just focus on the exam! I haven't found out about my ECR sim yet, but wasn't expecting to hear back until the exams next week. Hate the not knowing! I know I passed my FRA sim, no questions thankfully.
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