I've got these in my garden!!


I saw that video clip a few weeks ago and thought I'd check out my garden. Sure enough, there's about 3/4 of those webs in my wall!

Spiders never usually bother me, so I tapped the edge of one web with a compass and a leg peaked out....tapped it a bit more and the f***ing thing shot out!! I've never jumped so bl00dy high in my life! :blushing:

Ugly looking thing it is on that video - it was just a blur in real life - I might get my brother to stick his finger in a web and film the result.....:laugh:


  • Cullen
    Cullen Registered Posts: 592
    Well I think any man who can face a spider and admits he felt fear.....
    ............is very like me.

    I scream like a girl if I meet a spider.

    Ahem, not that I am girly in any other way of course.
  • LondonMatt
    LondonMatt Registered Posts: 1,110
    I didn't scream as such.....I may have let out a little "yelp" though...
  • Baggybooks
    Baggybooks Registered Posts: 522
    I'm too scared to even watch the clip.
  • farmergiles
    farmergiles Registered Posts: 1,693
    I'm spider catcher in chief in my house, armed with my trusty empty cardboard whisky bottle container I scoop them up and have to take them out side, not allowed to kill them. Then it's a race to see who gets back into the house first, me or the spider....lol.
  • katsutlieff
    katsutlieff Registered Posts: 459
    Middle son keeps a glass and bit of card by his bed, just in case. He has coached me a number of times how to catch said spider, so I can save him from the dreaded creatures!

    Don't think I will show him this video, will tip him over the edge.
  • jkc
    jkc Registered Posts: 166 πŸŽ† 🐘 πŸŽ†

    im usually ok with the glass and card trick but these enter into category 4 territiory, and they bite.
  • jilt
    jilt Registered Posts: 2,903
    Seems there are a lot of men who are scared of spiders. I even have to catch them at work in the office before my boss will come in. Maybe I should leave them there :lol:
  • marknotgeorge
    marknotgeorge Registered Posts: 158 πŸŽ† 🐘 πŸŽ†
    Why is it that those who scream loudest at spiders whinge the most when someone stomps on the damn things?
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