How you feeling?

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How's everyone feeling???

Can't believe these are the last exams.....

Is everyone having a mad revision weekend like me, I bet you the sun is out shinning the brightest it can just to p**s us all of :lol:

Just wanted to wish good luck to everyone :thumbup:


  • kjg-kj
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    I am doing my last 3 exams PEV, DFS & PCR.

    Even though the sun is shining and I am revising I don't mind, rather that than it pouring with rain!! I was sat out in the garden studying & getting a tan today:001_tt2:

    Going to concentrate on PEV tomorrow and sunday and worry about the others on Tuesday now.

  • lala2009
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    Me too - I have PEV, BTC and DFS next week and have been revising non-stop! Hopefully all the hard work will pay off!

    Good luck everyone! :O)
  • Hayman
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    I Have only PEV left to do, but there is a lot of expectation and worry to pass:)
  • renae
    renae Registered Posts: 76 Regular contributor ⭐
    try not to stress... I have pev and dfs and have just realised that I have no idea what I am doing!! Have been mega stressed all week, and ended up in hosp friday with possible labour...11 weeks early!!! All ok now, but is it right to get that stressed out over a test of my knowledge?
    My point is that we have all worked very hard but never think its enough.
    If we pass then great, If we fail then we will retake......and be more the wiser!
    Just do what you can, and be proud that you are trying

  • Hayman
    Hayman Registered Posts: 36 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hi Renae

    When you put it like that AAT is insignificant! I hope you and your baby are well! And that you have a happy healthy time with your remaining pregnancy:) I know what it is like as I have 2 wonderful kids, and I am dong this AAT to get a better job.
  • renae
    renae Registered Posts: 76 Regular contributor ⭐
    thanks H,
    tell me about it, two kids already, the dog died last week and then hosp.... recon I could write the best appeal letter going!!
    Wouldn't do it though, then would hate myself if I passed on sympathy!

    I work for myself as a book keeper so I am not sure why I am doing this, as a back up I guess, although after talking to ACCA it would appear that the modules that I am exempt from are pretty naff anyway, and I could have gone straight from intermediate to acca! But hey, being a MAAT has to count...loads of organisations seem to request it now.

    Are you hiding from the kids over the wnkd? Recon I will go to the library for a cple of hours and have a last min ditch attempt!
  • Hayman
    Hayman Registered Posts: 36 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hi Renae
    Yes I am hiding in the garage!! Just trying to attempt the tea bag question!! I feel if I can crack that one then I can do anything:)

    I am also doing bookkeeping but mostly voluntary stuff, Just want to improve my job prospects!!! And yes your sympathy letter I will sign it for you!! Take care X
  • jackiepowell
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    That tea bag exam is awful!!!!!! Hate it! lol...

    Really dont know how my exams are going to go next week! I came out feeling positive last time and failed both! Going to go in with an open mind this time, and know it could go either way!!

    Good luck guys!!
  • heartsandstars
    heartsandstars Registered Posts: 76 Regular contributor ⭐
    I think I will be ok this week.

    Just wish the sun would go away - All my friends have gone out for the day, and didn't even invite me as "you would most probably be revising - you have gotten a bit obsessed with it really" (is this what my life has become?!)

    I am gonna do a PEV practice paper today, a bit of DFS with my flash cards, and another PEV tomorrow - hoipwfully i can keen my attention for long enough
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