PCR.....Any last minute tips

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Hello All,

I have not done nearly half as much revising for this exam as I should have!!!

Used to work in an accounts dept of 3 that has now been cut down to one and had the auditors in for the past month. :crying::crying::crying:

Needless to say my revising has been put on the back burner!!

I have read all the relevant chapters in the book now just doing my pocket notes and was going to attempt the past papers . However, alot of people on here are saying the layout etc has changed and that threw them so it there any point doing all the papers???

Also, what are the main topics covered in this exam. Flexing budget etc??


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    The layout changed in the December 08 paper, which I sat (and passed), but I didn't find it all that different or difficult because of the change. I can't remember the topics that came up as I currently have my DFS hat on but past papers will definitely help you prepare for the types of questions you are likely to face. I also find the Chief Assessor's Reports useful as it sets out what is expected and how students did on particular questions and sometimes hints at what might come up in future papers.

    The only advice I can offer is to read the question several times, and once more for good luck! Make sure you are clear in your head what is being asked, highlight or underline any information you think is relevant in the question and prepare your answer in your head before putting pen to paper.

    Good luck!
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    Yes I always read the assesors reports and also the support bookelts.

    I have just done section 1 of Dec 08 in 20 mins. Didnt find it at all difficult, maybe I shouldnt read these forums! Some of them really scare you and especially the weekend before the exam :lol::lol:

    Good luck with DFS , how are you finding it, that will be my last exam in Dec. Heard its the hardest , so left it until last. :thumbup:
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    The number side of DFS isn't *too* bad as it's really consolidating stuff learned at FRA, but taken a bit further, if that makes sense. Plus you know if you're along the right lines with this unit, as your income statement (P&L) and balance sheet will either balance or it won't, unlike costing.

    I'm dreading the wordy questions, though, as there are a lot of accounting standards that you need to be familiar with. I appreciate that you need to understand why you're doing certain things and the implications of doing them wrong but there seems an awful lot of standards to learn, and not much space left in my head! Hence the reason I'm here on the forum and not stuck in a textbook...
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