PEV - Section 2

SugarPuff Registered Posts: 12 New contributor 🐸
Im feeling quite confident in section 1 but as my brain is totally frazzled i cant seem to see a pattern to what were required to know in section 2 apart from calculating performance indicators the following questions seem to be totally different in every paper!

Did anyone go on the revision course and get any tips?


  • xxsarahxx
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    I've noticed that in section 2 you have to calculate your performance ratios, write the director a report and also target and life cycle costing comes up quite a lot as well.
  • troy
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    I do know people that went on the PEV revision course at Nottingham. Apparently it was rubbish and the AAT are having to refund people's monies. The tutor handed out the 'teabag' paper and told the student's to get on with it, she explained that 'this is a revision course so you should not need telling how to do it'!
    I went on the DFS course at Nottingham that was really good! So thank you to the tutor on that one, Peter Nixon!
  • SugarPuff
    SugarPuff Registered Posts: 12 New contributor 🐸
    Thanks for that, I went on DFS in London and got totally confused!!!!! PCR in london tho was great- guess it just depends on the tutor hey. Im cool with life cycle costing nowbut need to swat up on target costing.....Any tips?? :001_smile:
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