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Hi everyone,

Just wondering how far back you've gone with past paper revision. I thought i was doing really well and grasping everything until i attempted PEV December 2005. Firstly i was completely thrown off guard cos it is set out differently than the more recent papers in where it gives a standard cost card to begin with then it's now asking me to change dollars into sterling and give percentages etc,
All this has achieved is to make me PANIC! and i now feel really sad and sick. I failed both my DFS and PTC in December and have really put the effort in for PEV and PCR and now am totally stressing out that am gonna FAIL! I no i should think positive and i have been up til now!

Please please help and reassure me


  • joerd84
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    i had a bit of a stress about this the other day. i find doing section 1 much easier when it's not set out as a standard cost card. And that dollar questions just a nightmare, especially the last part, hope nothing like that comes up!
  • gingervicki
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    i have decided to not do many past papers and brush up on the trival stuff instead.
    i have heard that the format is changing for this year as did last year so i figured as long as i know how to calculate stuff then it doesnt matter what kind of paper you get or how any you have done.

    anyone else agree??

  • Pencil
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    We had all been told that the examiner setting the PEV paper had been setting the questions since 2006. I've concentrated on everything since then in the hope that it will follow a similar format.:001_unsure:
  • wolfe
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    hi guys
    this paper gave me a lot of trouble too. especially the outsource thing.
  • Primble
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    im going on the basic knowledge logic than past papers as everything keeps changing so if it looks different this week and i only know how to do it based on past papers i would panic
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