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Thought I would mention something that for many seems really obvious, but for others, doesn't always sink in right away......

The word 'per' means 'divided by'. So if you are asked to calculate e.g. contribution per machine hour - it is contribution divided by machine hour.

This way, you won'r ever be tempted to do a calculation the other way round in moment of madness....(It happens to some of us you know!)

Good luck to all sitting an exam next week - I will be doing my ECR on Monday afternoon with as many limbs crossed as possible.



  • wolfe
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    thanx CJC very helpful
  • Sally
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    I am so glad i logged on and read your post - it is the one thing that i keep getting caught out on and you have just made it finally sink in. Hope i need it 2moro now! Many thanks.
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