Good luck every body for mac tomorrow

Hello every body
Wish you all a very good luck in tomorrows MAC paper . I hope so every body will get a big PASS . If not every body then atleast those who really deserves it ..

I am quite confident in section 1 but bit scared in section 2 had a good practice on variance and ratios but dont know whats going to be the task 2.3 it can be life cycle costing , target costing , markup/margin, ideal standard ,timeseries or index number .. but the last task in dec 2007 and june 2008 takes bit of a doing or may be its just me who totally gets sense less when ever see any thing bit tricky !!!!!!



  • Londina
    Londina MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 814
    I am quite confident in section 1 but bit scared in section 2

    me the other way round, I hate section 1, in every past paper the situation was different and I ofter got the wrong budget!:001_unsure:

    Hope the questions will be more clearer tomorrow, otherwise I will see MAC again in December!
  • umerali2003
    umerali2003 Registered Posts: 400
    hmmm dont think like that .. u will be orite .. i am expecting some thing simillar 2 wat we did in aat revision class .. atleast in budgeting question . If i got the first question spot on then i will really clam down my nerves and i can really concentrate on the rest of the paper but if i struggled on first question then things gets bit tough for me but i hope so every thing will be normal tomorrow
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