Good luck one and all!



  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    back at you :001_smile:
  • Brough
    Brough Registered Posts: 6 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Good Luck

    Good luck everyone! See you on the other side! :thumbup1:
  • oh confused one
    oh confused one Registered Posts: 128 ? ? ?
    did june 08 today and "think" I may scrape through based on that - good to luck to each and everyone of you - look forward to chatting on the "technician" pages :thumbup1::thumbup1:
  • mattyj3nks
    mattyj3nks Registered Posts: 28 ? ? ?
    good luck to everyone!!

    i dont hold alot of faith for myself but then again i didnt last year.

    i have completed a couple of ecr papers today and am not getting everything right but as long as i pass i will be happy.

    think lucky be lucky!!
  • rachy1975
    rachy1975 Registered Posts: 366
    good luck everyone......:001_smile:
  • CJC77
    CJC77 Registered Posts: 62 ? ? ?
    Fingers crossed for us all - I am sure tommorrow nights forum will be awash with us all talking about the ECR paper!

  • rumcheeka
    rumcheeka Registered Posts: 6 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Good Luck everyone, break a leg .... Not literally!
  • gregory
    gregory Registered Posts: 37 ? ? ?
    Good luck to all of You. You will see it will be fine.
  • meibaker
    meibaker Registered Posts: 481
    good luck to everyone, fingers crossed we all pass our exams! xx
  • emmag
    emmag Registered Posts: 35 ? ? ?
    Good luck everyone! I'm feeling ok about this one but VERY nervous about FRA on wednesday. Anyway will be leaving in an hour and a half..........arghhh!
  • Chellby80
    Chellby80 Registered Posts: 25 ? ? ?
    Good Luck one and all! Just started to feel a little icky now about todays exam! Dreading FRA on Wednesday, but feel fairly confident about todays one! Fingers crossed one and all!!

    Just think guys, in around 6 hours, it'll all be over - until Wednesday!! lol

  • HayleyM
    HayleyM Registered Posts: 63 ? ? ?
    Good luck everyone! Hope we all pass!! Feeling really nervous now, I have snakes in my stomach. Just praying that the stuff I haven't managed to revise wont turn up in the exam!! Fingers crossed for us all.... :001_unsure:
  • Bugsy1978
    Bugsy1978 Registered Posts: 7 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Good luck to everyone, roll on 6pm will all be over until september.xx
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