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Hello everyone

I seem to be quite an unlucky person when it comes to exams, I've taken PEV today and I'm writing to the AAT for special exam consideration as I've been sick since last week on antibiotics and the doctor has written me a medical letter. I had special exam consideration in December for redundancy and I passed (I'm sure I did enough without it) does anyone know how much difference it really makes??



  • taskey
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    did you sit the exam? and how do you feel it went?

    if you feel it went ok, then try not to use the consideration. if you feel that the sickness affected your performance, then use the note.

    Hope that helps and i hope you are feeling better.

  • embica
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    Hey - I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever on Friday and my dr said he would write a letter if need be.
    I've been on antibiotics too - i'm not going to write to the AAT - I think my MAC exam went OK today - but I wont know untill the results are out and I would rather know I did it myself - I'm stubborn - but I don't know what consideration they give?

    I hope you're better soon though :)
    And good luck with your exams if you have more this week!
  • lizrochford
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    It didnt go particularly well and I felt ill half way through the exam I think maybe I should air on the side of caution and go with the consideration.
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