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Ash1711 Registered Posts: 26 Regular contributor ⭐
Hi all, just got back from my PEV exam, i thought it went ok but i did the whole test in pencil as i thought i could go over it all in pen with spare time at the end... turns out i had no spare time lol... do you think itll be ok or do you think a mean examiner will rub it all out? lol



  • GemmaLouise
    GemmaLouise Registered Posts: 56 Regular contributor ⭐
    they say to do it in pen however one of my friends from work once did it all in pencil and she passed so i think you will be ok!
  • lucy1988
    lucy1988 Registered Posts: 74 Regular contributor ⭐
    I did it in pencil last year and passed.
  • Flipflop
    Flipflop Registered Posts: 67 Regular contributor ⭐
    I always use those rubbing out pens much easier. Sure it will be fine x
  • dobbieobby
    dobbieobby Registered Posts: 231 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I did an exam last year mostly in pencil as didnt have time to go over it and past :)
  • Ash1711
    Ash1711 Registered Posts: 26 Regular contributor ⭐
    haha, hopefully itll be ok, thanks for the assurance :)

    if i fail in august i know where to come. :001_tt2:
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