BTC - Capital allowances for long period

hanapospis Registered Posts: 111 🎆 🐘 🎆
Can anyone please explain me CA for long period - 16months.

for Corporation tax - I need to dived the accounts into two separate CAP and calculate CA for each separately?

For Income tax (sole trader and partnership) - do I have to do the same? The two period and calculate the CA separately or do I time apportion AIA and WDA?
so the AIA for 16months period would be 66.667 and the restriction amount for car 4000?

I thought you always have to do two separate calculations but I’ve been practicing from BBP book and they time apportion the period of 16 months..


  • AdamR
    AdamR Registered Posts: 668
    Sole Traders/Partnerships do a continuous period based on however long the accounts themselves run for; you are correct in saying that for companies, its 12 months and a balance.
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